One to One empowerment programme for Women


“One to One” programme tailored specifically for you dealing with whatever is holding you back from shining your light. Option 1 is 8 week programme. Option 2 is a 6 / 8 month programme for a deeper transformation.

The Imposter Buster

We live in a time where women can feel that they are not fulfilling their true potential. This is a self belief that can change with a little help. That no matter how successful you are that you are still not good enough or there is something missing. This is where I come in. We work together for an 8 week programme  where we get to deal with the issues that are holding you back. This is very gentle, feminine, powerful and  supportive transformation that will have a huge impact on you and your life.

There will be further opportunity to work together for 6/8 months

Speaking Dates 2018

Network Ireland Roscommon Branch on 28th February 2018

What programme covers!

At one time in my life I felt disconnected and that I did not belong . I knew that life was not meant to be like that and that we are actually suppose to be happy, connected and empowered. There comes a time in everyone’s life where something happens and its a catalyst for change, so it was with me. So the course covers my progression and what I learned and how I navigated lifes challenges and how it empowered me en route.

Week 1 is general 2 hour call setting up the following weeks and depending on what issues you wish to have help changing. During the following 6 weeks will look at :Who Am I, Fears, Anger,  Forgiveness, Gratitude, Empowerment, Happiness. 6 consecutive weeks call for 60 to 90 minutes. Week 8 Integration of all that has been learned.

I have the ability to see the bigger picture and why events are happening in your life and what you can learn from them to be able to let them go and move on. Press on link below for discovery call and see if we can work together to change your world!

Only you have the Power to change your life!

Looking forward to seeing you this year and sharing some of this wonderful nurturing, empowering, enlightening and transforming programme.