Genie is out of the bottle!

It has been happening for years but very slowly women are beginning to find their feminine power. Its been a long slow journey and we still have a way to go but once it started happening and there is no stopping it now. Looking back over the centuries Women have had their power eroded away and found themselves somehow less important in a male world,given  the role of home maker, housekeeper that their lives should revolve around the family and that everyone else was more important than they were. They fed everyone else first and themselves last. Everyone in Ireland in particularly know this mother.It was bottling up a huge power within the home, where mothers lived their lives through their children and their achievements  and a formidable force that was contained in a small area. Women had no choice if they were working before they got married, they had to give up with work once they were married. Times have changed and women are finding out what it is to be feminine and be powerful. The Genie is out of the bottle now and its not going back now!

Modern society has judged women by superficial beauty and everyone has an opinion and feel free to share it. An outer, so called beauty, that was not reflective of inner happiness. So women tried to change how they look  for an idealized type of beauty that did not take into account of the beauty that is the most important of all the beauty within. That is the part that is changing, women are  feeling that power within them, it is a who they are in all their glory, being loving, creative, collaborative, supportive, inspired, powerful, intuitive, connected, emphatic, sensual.

The role of the sexes are  changing and being redefined and both men and women are finding what it means to be truely  male and female. Men brought up to man up, not to cry, to be a defender, power that can to be used to control, protect, main breadwinner, being waited on in family ,responsibility, duty. The job they do defines them and if they loose their jobs they can loose their identity.  They are now trying to find out what it means to be male in this modern world . .

I think I am fairly representative of the experiences that women go through , I myself did not know what it was to be woman, I had spent my life playing roles that gave me no sense of who I was as a person.  I trained as a nurse and it was a great outlet for caring for others ,it was also important for me in earning a living  as it gave me great sense of independence. I  found particularly difficult to give up ( even though it was  by choice) when I had my children, as someone who earned their own living all their adult life from their late teens and then not to contribute financially to the family felt disempowering for me. When did I  put a price on motherhood and demean my  roles as mother instead of seeing it for what it was, priceless! So I felt myself sense of there was more than the life I was leading that I was unhappy and guilty about not earning and being dependent on my husband and and over compensating in what I did for everyone else. Meanwhile feeling that my world had gotten small, revolving  around keeping the house tidy, cooking meals and looking after our children, and being critiqued  if it was not perfect. Not the recipe for a happy life.  The conflict of loving being a mother and the loss of identity  not a great combination for happiness, but a great catalyst for change!

So change happened  when I went looking for change. I trusted my gut on the courses I did , I knew the power in changing my thoughts, that our thought are reflected back our reality. I was driven by the knowledge that we are meant to be happy and fulfilled and it became my inner satellite navigation. I discovered my identity, what it is to be a woman, to feel guided and connected, to  trust my instincts to be me. I have learned that place matters and where you live can feed your soul, that taking time out is essential to moving forward, its where the magic happens. To take a step back and still be a support and allow your children to find their own way. Positivity and Gratitude work. There is a wisdom that comes from life’s experiences and it needs to be shared. When you are guided, take a leap of faith it always leads to better things.

The biggest change of all is what I feel is my divine calling that I am guided to help other women . There are a lot of women who feel like I felt, whether it is in home or in business or both and they don’t have to live like that. They feel like they are a fraud and living life waiting to be unmasked or afraid to be seen, if they want to change they can do so, I can show what worked for me . So I am open for business, the business of helping women to value themselves. What and exciting time uplifting and empowering, feeding your inner fire, it is you!

When women support each other we are all uplifted, when one rises we all rise!

Starting 2018 from February  :8 week course One to One, The Magnificent you!

Skype session once a week for 8 weeks tailored especially for your needs , dealing with: who are you , guilt , forgiveness, gratitude, trusting you gut, guiding you to find the power of being you! Truly transforming because in working one to one with you, you have what support you need for you to see the magnificent you!

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Go on your are worth it!



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