About Me

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My name is Marie Nugent Smyth. I trained as nurse, midwife specializing in Neonatal Intensive Care. I have traveled with my family all over the world having lived in Israel , Syria, Australia and the United States.

When I came back from my travels I knew I wanted to expand my expertise while still helping people so I started with energy work and studied to master level in Reiki, IET Integrated Energy Therapy, also qualifying in Reflexology, Indian Champissage (head massage), Hopi Ear Candling.

Having studied and qualified in NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming also along the way learning EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques.

I personally derived such huge benefits from all I learned and in the process my own life was transformed, I felt the need to pass along the most powerful techniques I learned knowing that they would also benefit others.

Along with expanding my own self awareness I learned that we have power over our thoughts and how we think about ourselves has a direct impact on our lives and our happiness. As I transformed my life I thought what if children are taught what I know, the template for dealing with life what amazing lives they would live, coming from a place of strength and resilience the ability to deal with all the challenges life has to offer. To appreciate themselves and to know that they make a difference. I now give talks and seminars for parents and children of the subject of how children can transform their lives. Amazing and Powerful!

In 2017 I will be president of http://www.networkireland.ie/ Dublin Branch because we are stronger together and even stronger when we support each other in making a difference!


A beautiful cd for children created and narrated by Marie developing in children the power within them to deal with life. A must highly recommended……….
Thanks to  Oisin Browne  author of “The Bin Man’s guide to Selling”
I have been doing meditation with my 2 children for almost 3 years now. I had the pleasure of working with Marie for several years and mentioned to her that I had one anxious nervous child age 5 and one 7 year old child with a difficulty focusing.  I had done meditation 10 years ago and found it to be an amazing grounding experience that allowed me to take a step back from the chaotic life I was living and to learn to appreciate life. Marie developed the meditations for my children and personalised them. We started lying on the bed together and listening to the mediatations. Initially there was giggling and twitching but slowly this was replaced by stillness and calm. My now 10 year old listens to meditation at night before bed and has the most amazing dreams. She is a happy, confident and caring girl. My 8 year old  absolutely loves his peaceful time with mummy but also thinks of the meditations when he needs to do some story writing  at school. He has also joined the school choir and is hoping for a solo part.  All of this is thanks to Marie. When they are stressed or worried they ask to do meditation. I truly believe I have raised children who are imaginative kind and caring individuals but who can self regulate their feelings and stress levels  for the rest of their lives.
Thank you Marie. 
Thank you  Sharon  now in  Australia
Hi Marie. this cd is brilliant! I listen to it all the time, it makes me happy each morning and I’ve become a happier person as a result! .
Thank you, Lucy (Lucy was doing her Junior Cert at the time and found cd a great help in relaxing)

‘This is a really lovely meditation CD for children. I bought it for my kids and I now listen to it myself, a lot, I LOVE it. Each meditation is in the format of a visualised adventure, there are wizards, magical forests, castles, thrones, wands, dolphins, unicorns and oh so much more. 
Thank you so much Rebecca !