No matter how much work you do on yourself there are still going to be triggers that are going to set off emotions that you thought you had dealt with. It’s like that advertisement for Jaws the movie years ago it said “Just when you thought it was safe to go into the water” so you thought your had dealt with your stuff and you found that they still had power over your life.

I came across this myself this week and the realization that the job I am now doing, that for the moment  is paying my bills is not for my greater good. This week has brought up a lot of stuff that I thought I had dealt with , about my self esteem  and valuing myself, imagine to my surprise that I  discovered that there I was unconsciously undervaluing myself and finding myself being undervalued  in return and boy was that a trigger!  So the comfort of working with people I like  and being paid a wage is not enough to keep me captive,  time to liberate myself .

Emotional Freedom Techniques

With my life trigger came realization, but the emotions still had to be dealt with and boy were they powerful so out came EFT emotional freedom techniques, using tapping on meridian points to diffuse and release these emotions. It has allowed me to take the charge out of the emotions, allowing me to focus on what I learned and what it is I have to do next. Powerful tool.


There is always a catalyst that  spurs you on , sends you in a new direction, or both, so while my realization that my job is not for me anymore is a spur,  it is time to put myself out there, doing  what it is that I should be doing, my life’s work so to speak…… helping children help themselves.

This is something that I have been skirting around for a while , afraid to take the plunge because it is so  scarily different to be out on your own as opposed to the comfort in working for someone else and having a regular wage coming in. This is something I have to overcome or else I will not succeed and I know staying where I am is not an option, I will be miserable because I am in the wrong place at the wrong time and life is not meant to be endured it is meant to be enjoyed and I love enjoying life!

Getting out of my comfort zone

So that time has come to come out of my comfort zone, I have subconsciously been preparing for this moment for a while and it will take a couple of months to set up, so I am using the power of Intent to start events in motion. My Intention is to be  hugely successful ,that the talks to be helpful informative and transforming for the children, with a knock on effect of positively transforming their futures .To be able to do that I have  to get out of my own way and get out and do it!

I have been asked to give a talk in Castlerea to the national school about transitioning from National School to Secondary school it is a talk I gave for the first time last October it was for parents and children. It was amazing and I loved it , it was about what children can do for themselves now to prepare themselves for life, this is so important that is should be taught in as soon as children start school. It was an amazing start and will be a template for the future talks which will evolve and grow!

Over the last month I have employed a Virtual PA and set up a database of national schools in Dublin and am going to contact each one and let them know I am available to give this talk, it’s a start and its scary and exciting at the same time. Positive baby steps but creating forward momentum!

I am so grateful for the National School in Castlerea to ask me to speak in the  first  place,  getting such positive feedback and  asking me back was a huge honour. My eternal gratitude.

So haven’t ironed out all the kinks, some procrastination involved in doing a run through of talk, but that is what my bank holiday is for……..practice and relaxation!

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