I was given a lovely present of earrings for my birthday that I had never worn, the main reason was I could not find them. I had absolutely no recollection of taking them out at home and had long forgotten what jacket I was wearing! I presumed that they must have fallen out of my pocket or bag and I had not noticed. I had been asked by my friend recently if I liked wearing them. I could have lied and said I loved them,  that would have made me feel uncomfortable, so I told her the truth, that there was no sign of the earrings , I was afraid that I would have hurt her feelings but she took it well and let the matter drop. My daughter was going out and borrowed a jacket belong to me (what’s mine is hers, lol) one that I had not worn for months and lo and behold there were the earrings safe and sound. So now I have the pleasure of wearing the beautiful earrings 8 months after they were given to me. I felt the joy all over again of when I first got them, the joy of finding them and wearing them, really made me feel blessed all over again!

Love receiving twice!


I found myself today in a situation, I had left the car in to be washed and hoovered its treat when it’s going for NCT and had gone for a cup of coffee while waiting for car to be ready. Ordered and arrived at till only to discover that I had no purse. The look of horror on my face said it all, Panic stations I thought I will have to abandon my breakfast take the car and head home.

The lovely lady at coffee shop said don’t worry pay later or tomorrow she reassured me. How lovely is that a willingness to trust me that I would come back and pay.

I also had a realization that I keep money in the car, if I paid for petrol and had cash left I would put what was left over into a wallet in the car and it built up over time, so amazingly I had money to pay for my breakfast and washing the car and buy petrol. Happy Days!

Shows how investing in yourself a little every day builds up so that when you need it you have the strength and wherewithal to face when life sends one of those growth spurts, you have energy put aside to deal with it!

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