I did not get paid on time this month or indeed last month . In this age where we have direct debits coming out we need money there to meet it. I’m telling you nothing that you don’t already know. I went into all sorts of emotional responses, anger , then it was how long should I be angry for , I spoke about it analyzed it, should I go straight to the top, why was it happening to me etc.

But it wasn’t just that I was not paid on time it was the energy that surrounded it, it became petty, not recognizing or being grateful for the magic that was happening around me.
A free lunch was not recognized because it was a dinner the last time and a 50 euro voucher was not treated as the gift it was. So not being paid on time brought me to a place where I stopped seeing the magic of the world around me.
When you think about it , it was only one event and only one aspect of my life but it impacted on how I felt thought and communicated with others. It was ok to be angry ( it was over a bank holiday weekend) but not to hold onto the anger, what was done could not be undone.

It does not matter how much work you have done on yourself there is always a trigger the will set you off and mine is about money and the fear of lack. It is something that I am working on , but that episode with the pay brought it to the fore once again to be dealt with and I do know that it will keep recurring until I master it!

Am a lot better than I was, though I have a bit to go, but I have  a preference, it is that I have within me the knowing that everything was going to be ok that there is more than enough to go around …. than living in fear that I will never have enough! So I am choosing abundance …..not just of money but in all aspects of my life and tapping into the magic  from everyday life!

So what one event in your life is colouring the world around you and affecting your outlook on life! and is it worth it to make you stop seeing the magic in the world about you!

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