We are all so busy now I know that I certainly am. I have a job I enjoy doing while I enjoy working with the people I work with it is not fulfilling my potential and it is not the job I want to be doing this time next year and certainly not for the rest of my life . For the moment it is paying the bills so it is my transition job for which I am grateful for!

The job I REALLY want to do, and the job I will be focusing on from this month  is to be the go to person to give talks about what children can do for their mental health, so giving talks to parents and children about how them can mentally prepare to deal with life.

We go to school to learn facts and figures but we are not taught about our feelings and what we can do to help ourselves to improve our own emotional lives. There are lots of children out there who are struggling, depending on others to make themselves better when they have the tools within them to do that ! Developing their  Emotional Resilience is enhancing their ability to bounce back regardless what happens in your life! Powerful stuff

Changing  mindset!

To succeed I had to change my mind-set from being employed to being an business women, I wanted  this passion to develop to my life’s work, one that would support me ! It was not an easy transition when you come from a background of being a natural carer to putting a value on yourself your experience and the importance of what you have to teach .

I have found it  pretty challenging to put a price on my experiences,  it was with baby steps that I gradually developed a feeling of  power behind the wisdom of what it was I had to teach, the impact it would have on others and learned something of the value of myself  .

This is something everyone has to do for themselves , if you do not develop this ability  you will be doing yourself a disservice and robbing the world of  the unique power of you!

In developing a business mindset I find that I spend my time filled with things…. working, Networking, Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, learning how to be business woman, files, invoices, money going in and out, making contacts,  as well as being a mother of 3 adult children  all still living at home. As this is all new it feels like I am learning a new language all at once and it can feel overwhelming.  So I found that my brain can get fired up with daily activities and before I know it I am overloaded and overwhelmed.

Take a step back!

I have found It is important to get some perspective and streamline so you are not doing everything together.Beginners mistake that you have to do everything.

Now I am on committee of Network Dublin and I meet amazing supportive women from whom I get ideas support and strength, last year I did a lot of networking and found that it was too much so Network Ireland, Dublin branch is where I got the most support and where I spread my wings. Irish Biz Party and Women who Inspire are on line groups where we share and support each other.

I have learned to  write down all I have to do instead of trying to remember it all.

I  have also discovered the benefit of taking a day off of giving myself a break. Media free for 24 house, heaven. To read ,write, lie in bed, go for a walk it makes a difference to your perspective. You need to give yourself days off EVERY WEEK or you will not survive and the world needs you to survive.

Delegate, use a virtual PA to help you with some of the work for you, you don’t have to do nor do you have to do it all at once.

Mentoring I tried before and found it was too much pressure I felt I was on second floor before I had dug my foundations. I have now dug my foundations and it is time to focus on the next phase so I am embracing mentoring again, I feel  that for the next phase  to succeed it is what I need  it keep me focused.  Streamlining my business that I will  put my energy on what will expand my business and do the greatest good , so that I will learn to work smart and to succeed.

Lessons learned – Give yourself a Break!

I have learned to give myself a break, to be discerning with every new idea, focus on the one that feels right so that I am not running out of steam. I have learned to use the skills I have, practicing what I preach so to speak ,to ask for help, use meditation to sooth my brain , to  take at least a day off that includes from all media all of this helps recharge my energy so allowing me to take the next step .  I gain new energy and perspective!

So go on everyone give yourself a break, you are worth it and you will need it to succeed!

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