As parents we do a huge amount for our children, we want to give them the best life has to offer sometimes whether or not they want it. We fill their lives with lots of after school activities so much so that both you and them can end up frustrated trying to get everything done. Its not only on your first child, add some siblings and your stress levels rise trying to give them all the best, equally.All this fills time and as a result there is no down time and you are trying to be SuperMum or Dad!

It becoming more noticeable now that children cannot cope with time on their own and because all aspects of their lives are supervised and held up to critical observation, they are loosing their perspective and any control they have over their own destiny. They have not developed their own coping skills as result they struggle when the hit their teens and view themselves from external experiences and as they have not tapped into the strengths within them , they don’t really  andknow who they are.

A lot of adults are not happy in their lives and feel there is something missing and you can be sure that children are feeling it as well. So how do you go about feeling connected so that you do not feel alone.

How do you feel you are connected to the power within you.

Here are a 3 tips for parents and children…

Relax and Give your brain a rest!…Allow your children to relax and meditate… how do you do that…. Find a good quality cd , listen to it yourself and then put it on a night so that your child can listen to it as they are falling asleep , very therapeutic and relaxing. You could also try  this as well great de stressor! Shared experiences.

Gratitude …..Get them to tell you what  was the best thing that happened in their day the more they talk about it the stronger the feeling gets and the better they feel.

As an adult you might feel strange doing this, but believe me there is a positive charge from writing down all the things you have to be grateful for. If you do this at night it takes the worry away and sets you up for following day!

Power of Intent…… ask them what they would like to happen the next day/week, this opens up the world of magic as children are not limited by their beliefs as we are and it gives them freedom of their imagination.

As a parent how often do we dread going to work and vocalize it, worry about money etc ,why instead say and write down what you would like to happen at work, this is the power of intent, see how it changes your experiences. Look for the best not the worst.

This will help make your child feel connected and loved because it is not on external experiences like study exams but internal experiences and their are connecting to their feelings and who they are…..  they are happiest in developing a sense of their own sense of self and the same goes for us adults we are never to old to feel connected and to love who we are!

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