Impact children watching the newsSwitching off the news can help us relax and it can really help our children. In these days of information overload and 24hour news coverage our children have never been more exposed to world events and it is affecting them. Children watching the news have access to fears that we never had, fears of being bombed, of disappearing planes , kidnapping, terrorism, war, job losses, lack of money, struggling!

How are our children being affected, they are exposed to news and  it’s hard to miss it, whether in the car or on the tv , parents are discussing it ,how many times have we said in front of our children isn’t terrible that such and such a thing happened. So their fears are real it is part of their world and that is even before they go to school and bring their fears with them. Fear of going to school somewhere new that might not be safe, fear of no friends, fear of not being good enough , smart enough beautiful enough handsome enough fear of failing and lots more fears..

Life is governed by fear, it’s used to control people and if we are fearful as adults our children become fearful as well! How often do we say “they are just like me” of course they are because you are who they model themselves on, they take all their que from you!

Our children have now more anxiety going to school than they ever had before  and its time to change it.  So start early be conscious of the news and programmes you are listening to and watching while they are up during the day, that can include talk shows!  If your are watching the news then   children are also watching the news, you can include babies if they are in the family start early and  be careful with what they are  hearing ,  they don’t need to be absorbing the fear the anger the angst ! So help your children and you relax a bit more and switch off the news  during the day when the children are around something simple can change your lives!

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