You have the Power!


It is with such a sense of excitement that I finally sit down to write this Blog! It has taken me a long time to get to this point where my subject matter sets me on fire with excitement!

My background.

I am a woman, daughter, mother , wife, single mother with 3 children. I have trained as Nurse, Midwife, Neonatal Nurse, Complimentary therapist training in Reflexology, Indian Champissage, Hopi Ear Candling. Energy work : Reiki Master, qualified IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) practitioner. Followed by NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). I have lived in Australia, America, Israel and Syria. I am the sum of my experiences.

Why did I do so much studying?

There was a time in my life when I was miserable and I knew it was not a natural state and I knew I could do something about it, hence my delving into energy and the power of the mind!

After being separated amicably after 25 years together I had to go back to earning a living where I had a steady wage coming in having myself and 3 children living in family home. After being out of the workforce for about 10years while we were traveling and flying the flag for Ireland, I went back to what I was familiar with Nursing.

Fortunately, as it turned out, being so long out of nursing I was offered job as Health Care Assistant which I was happy to accept. It was great all the joy of nursing and none of the drugs and reports! I eventually ended up in the Radiology Department part of a wonderful group of people with whom I love working with to this day!


How did I find my Passion?

I was working with a beautiful lady called Sharon who knew of my experiences and asked if I would do something for her daughter to teach her how to relax and Meditate. Before I knew it I had written a lot of  scripts , using a Dictaphone recorded a couple of tracts and sent them to her. I had found my passion, passing on to children what they can do for themselves  teaching them the power of meditation and how they can tap into their own power!

That was the first step , found a recording studio and with the help of Phil Byrne of Sweeter Sounds recorded my cd. Artwork from my talented daughter Muireann. Printing came from local connection my daughters Aoife’s  best friend ,who’s dad has his own business. Thanks to Simon of Sidus Solutions in Lucan. I do love supporting local small businesses and Irish!

We are stronger when we support each other!

Contacting the LEO and looking for help from them was a great asset  and they run lots of courses to help new businesses.Networking has been my support on many levels. I joined Network Dublin 2014 last year and this year am on the Committee. The connections I have made have broadened my horizons and raised my profile and my game. Not having a background in business has been challenging and having the support of a Network Ireland, Dublin branch has been amazing , my business reach have expanded beyond my expectations. Wonderful empowering women with amazing inspiring stories.

Through  Karen Willes of Network Dublin I heard about IrishBizParty  an on line forum for Irish Business to support each other set up by the wonderful powerhouse that is Samantha Kelly @tweetinggoddess! This is a wonderful group to join and the beauty is that they are all over the country and from all walks of life. Worth joining!

So the importance of social media.It is essential if you  working for yourself and want to advertise what you do.


Social Media

This was a  nightmare for me and it has taken over a year to build up my confidence in what I had to say. I looked for mentoring from the wonderful LEO ,Local Enterprise Office in Tallaght where I was given mentoring in form of  the fantastic Sandra Hennessy of Be Dynamic who helped me with Facebook and setting up business page. I am still absorbing what she told me all these months later. It was like learning a new language and the thoughts of posting regularly filled me with dread but I found IStock photos and edited with Pic Monkey was fun and it made posting easier!


My advice one social media forum at a time!

Registered on Linkdin which I set up and dip into time to time , then after getting grips with Facebook …….then came Twitter, because I met the wonderful Samantha Kelly  @tweeting goddess at the Irish Biz Party I booked for her workshop. It was a brilliant day and tweeting is become a powerful business tool like facebook it takes a little effort but it is worth it it is amazing the people you connect with, I met lovely people on the day, as well as learning about Twitter got to sit beside one of the coolest woman namely Senator Mary Ann O Brien of Lillly O Brien Chocolates, another was Catherine Coffee who is a Virtual PA. exactly the person I needed to help me move forward!

There is a natural flow to life I have learned to slow down and listen, this is a prelude to your life speeding up, up so from a slow start early on in the year I find I am being propelled forward at a speed the it truly amazing! Till the next time.

Love to all,