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Marie Nugent 

Women its Time to Sparkle and Shine !

We are here to change the world, when women harness their power they change lives, their own and those of their families. Empowered mothers powerful children. I help women rise and shine.

My audio stories for children called “You have the Power” helping children lead happier lives!

Children's Emotional Developement


Living life from the Inside Out!

You have the Power

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Tapping into your Inner Inspiration what it  can do for you as Woman!

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 Wisdom of Sharing Experiences

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Time to Sparkle and Shine, Power starts with You!

Women by and large feel like they are a fraud and that does not matter how successful you are, unless you deal with it that is what you will continue to feel for your whole life. I know, as I was where you are now, but not anymore, life has evolved so have I and with the wisdom gained in overcoming this sense of not belonging, of being a fraud in finding the spark within me and learning to value myself it is now time to pass it on to other women. So I have created the group Time to Sparkle and Shine  https://www.facebook.com/timetosparkleandshine/ where women can  support each other . I seem to have the ability to see the big picture and why events are happening in your life and what it is you can do to change it. Why its necessary to support each other. I run One to One sessions over an 8 week period where I can help you to value yourself. Best feeling in the world to feel like you belong that you are protected, guided and most of all connected!


Power Of Our Children – Children’s Emotional Development

Children's Emotional Development

As a mother I know how we feel about giving our children all the advantages life has to offer through education, but there is something else we can do for our children and that is allowing them to learn about self awareness and emotional development, how to use discernment, the ability to deal with bullies what they can to do build their self esteem, the ability to meditate.

I get a real sense of what our children can achieve if they have a template to deal with life , there will be no issue that they will not have the ability to deal with because they will grow up with the knowledge that they are important and what they will contribute to the world is unique .

The younger children learn this the better, can you imagine that your child starts school knowing that they are important and with a respect for themselves and those they meet that will be mirrored back at them.

This is my vision and intent when I recorded my 1st Children’s Meditation CD, so if you share the vision for your children then “You have the Power “ is an easy way for your children to grow up with that template in place. Life will be challenging at times and when you have the ability to deal with that challenge and move on at an early age the worlds your oyster! Just put the stories on when your children are going to sleep they will do the rest!